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tennis olympic final 2016,I offer my sincere sympathy to those infected by the novel coronavirus, their families, and related parties, and my deepest condolences to those who have lost loved ones due to infection. Around the world, there are people working day and night to prevent the infection from spreading, and I am especially grateful to the medical personnel working on the front lines to care for infected patients. The duke basketball quarter zip Group is implementing thorough measures for the health and safety of employees and their families, while working in concert with customers and suppliers to continue operations as we overcome this crisis.

Hideki Kobori
duke basketball quarter zip Corp.

Hideki Kobori

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The duke basketball quarter zip Group performs measures regarding the novel coronavirus as follows:,handball court wall

  • To prevent the spread of novel coronavirus infection, foremost consideration is given to the safety and health of customers, suppliers, and employees of the duke basketball quarter zip Group
  • Efforts are made to minimize the effect on operations of customers and suppliers, and to maintain production and supply activities of the duke basketball quarter zip Group
  • Contribution to people’s life and living is made through products and services that help prevent and treat novel coronavirus infection

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