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Volleyball Hitting Terms - Volleyball Terms for Attacking Cross Court Shot: An attack directed across the net at an angle from one side of the court to the other.

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Volleyball Hits A tip is an attack hit a spiker uses at the height of the spike jump and after the arm swing the hitter contacts the ball with the tips of their fingers. (Arvesen) guiding the ball up and over the block, and. over the net in the direction of where they want the ball to fall on the opposing court.

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Hitting line" basically means the ball travels parallel to the sideline. For example, if the left side hitter hits line, the ball usually travels outside the blocker or over the blocker to zone 1 near the sideline. If the left side hitter hits the ball "angle", this usually means the ball travels inside the blocker or over the blocker to zone 5 or zone 4.

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– Passing a spiked or rapidly hit ball. Slang for the art of passing an attacked ball close to the floor. DINK – A legal push of the ball around or over blockers. DOUBLE BLOCK – Two players working in unison to deflect an attacked ball at the net back to the hitter ’s side. DOUBLE HIT – Successive hits or contacts by the same player. (Illegal)

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As a rule of thumb in the volleyball world, hitting percentages mean less for younger players and start to mean more the older a player gets. This means that an older and more experienced player is expected to have a good hitting percentage with minimal errors.

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A kill is a successful hit by an attacker that results in a point for the attacking team. Kills are executed by hitting the ball off a block or down onto the opponents floor. Volleyball Dig. Volleyball terminology for a dig is defined as passing a spiked or hard hit ball. Defensive players are often call diggers.

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Back-One: When a volleyball is set quickly or low to the middle hitter or the right side hitter. Back-Two: A high set of the volleyball to the middle or the right side hitter. Bump : A first hit or pass that is used to set an attack. Carry: A fault in which the volleyball is held for too long of time in the player's hands.

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Call The Ball – This is a common expression in volleyball. It means that you are supposed to shout loudly something to indicate that you are going to play the ball so that your teammates know you have it. Typically players call, “MINE” or “GOT IT.” Carry – This is a violation in the way that the ball is struck. You are allowed a “momentary” contact with the ball on any part of your body, not a catch and throw.